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A College Girl’s Guide to a College Girl Wardrobe

Before starting my freshmen year, I spent over 50 minutes stressing over which shirts I should pack; the off the shoulder cuts or the scoop neck kinds. This is the guide that I wish I had used while packing for college and the one I use now. 


Whenever you are starting out on your first or final year of college, always remember: less is more than enough when you’re living in a dorm or an apartment off campus. You should have enough clothes at least a week for each season. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself doing laundry several times a week, something that you won’t have time for as the days you're on campus progresses. 


Without further ado, here is my reccomended guide for what every college girl needs to have in their college wardrobe. The clothes that you would want to be wearing for the next four years of your college adventure. 


Black Jeans


Black jeans are the most versatile clothing items you can have. You can wear them to class or you can dress them up for going out or a nice lunch/dinner with your friends.




Sneakers are super important to bring with you to college for the comfort they bring. Before you start bringing pairs of sneakers, make sure they fit and they are comfortable for  whether you are walking to class, going to the gym or simply walking with your friends. Don't bring too many or else it will cram your closet. 


Personally, I am a huge fan of vans because of the style that looks good with almost everything. 


Dressy Outfits 


You really only need one dressy outfit to bring with you to college. This is super important when it comes to interviews, internships, career fairs, or any important presentations. Try to pick something that you like that doesn’t wrinkle and will work for multiple seasons. 


Dressy Shoes 


Along with a dressy outfit, you're going to bring at least one pair of dressy shoes. While I personally don’t wear heels (because I'm tall), I recommend if you plan to bring heels  then you only need one pair. You can also go with a nice pair of flats if they aren’t your thing.


Jeans, Jeans, Jeans


Jeans are a great item to have because you can pretty much wear them in any setting. To class, to work, to games and going out. You will probably want to bring lots of pairs depending on how frequently you wear jeans and ripped ones if you plan to go out. 




Leggings are one of the best items to bring to college because not only they are super comfortable, but they look nicer than regular sweatpants do. Plus you can always layer them under jeans if you go to school in a colder climate. Don’t be afraid to be creative and get colored leggings as well!


Raincoat or windbreaker 


 It is important to bring a raincoat when it gets cold and rainy over all seasons because you’ll never know when you have to walk to class in pouring rain. I personally recommend bringing a windbreaker for when it is super breezy outside and I promise you, it will make your life better.


Cute T-Shirts 


 If you are not the type of person that dresses up for classes, having some nice (probably oversized) t-shirts are essential. You can go for something fashionable graphic tee or go with something with a more comfortable color/hans style basic t-shirts. They can be worn with pretty much every bottom. You can wear them to class, a workout, and to sleep making them super versatile. 


Thanks for reading! I hope my list of college wardrobe essentials helped you gather ideas on what to fill your dorm closet. Happy college!

Ozia Morris

Pace Pleasantville '24

Ozia is a freshmen biology major at Pace Pleasantville who loves to play tennis, care for plants, work out, sing, and is a proud patriots fan. She is looking forward to getting involved on campus and meeting new people.
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