Are you a stalker or a fan?

Celebrities are everywhere. We are constantly connected with our favorite stars through social media, arguable too much. We wake up with them, watch what they eat for breakfast, watch them get their makeup done and everything else that goes on throughout the day. They start to feel like a close friend; we know everything about them. When they start dating someone new we get giddy with them, and when they break up we mourn with them.

I have to admit that I myself am a super fan of Demi Lovato. As a proud member of the Lovatic crew, I go to every concert and event she has in the tri-state area. I follow the fan twitter accounts and read every update that comes out. I know every one of her family member’s names and follow them on social media as well. I am always connected when she is in the studio working on new songs, promoting her new Fabletics line, or dating a new guy. Demi’s assistant, Kelsey, also has quite a following on instagram and she posts even more behind the scenes content for fans.

Now take away the fact that Demi Lovato is a celebrity...this fan behavior would be excessively creepy. And I’m not even the biggest fan of hers, imagine the super fans who literally fly to different states just to attend her shows. If she wasn’t a famous singer and there were people flying to other states to follow her around... they’d be arrested.

So why is it any different for a celebrity? They perform a few hit songs, are the star of a hit TV show and suddenly we are allowed to follow them around taking pictures of them everywhere they go? If you really think about that for a moment it is quite disturbing. It really shines a light on how horrible our society treats celebrities. There is no privacy and barely any laws protecting them from the paparazzi that follow them everywhere and use zoom lenses to catch their most personal moments.

Maybe the next time I am waiting after a concert for Demi Lovato to come out and take a selfie with me I will rethink it… yeah right. Of course I’m kidding. I will continue to be a huge obsessed fan and honestly that’s okay. Our culture has normalized this behavior so much that it isn’t really strange for anyone to follow their favorite celebrity and attend all of their shows. However some fans can get carried away and need to give celebrities more space before it becomes a real scary stalker situation. Hopefully we all know the difference and respect that celebrities are people too!