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The 5 Types of Guys You’ll See While Using Tinder on Campus

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the secret desire for a boo thing might be inevitable. If you’re a person like me you might open up Tinder and then you’ll start to slowly freak out when you see familiar faces. As I’ve started to swipe left and right, I’ve come to the realization that a lot of the people on my campus fit into five different groups. 

1. The Athletes 

You practically drool over them when you watch them play their respective sports, and (maybe) you’ll occasionally check the roster to find out their names and positions. So when you see them on Tinder your heart skips a beat; you choose to swipe left when you see them because you’re too shy to even acknowledge them in a public place.

2. The Frat Boys

They’re either the nicest guys in the world or the biggest jerks you’ve ever met. I promise you there’s no in between. Their general excuse for why they’re on Tinder is something along the lines of, “I only swipe on this when I’m bored.” You have a short conversation with them and next thing you know? You’re invited to one of their parties. There may be chemistry there, but you’ll never find out because too busy doing their “frat boy things.”

3. That One Guy That Take Tinder Way Too Seriously

You matched with them once, and you’re not even sure if you find them cute. But! They seemed like a nice enough person so you decided to swipe right. You had a brief and boring conversation, and now they’re obsessed with you. They hit you up at 3 AM when they’re bored (and maybe even feeling frisky) and get upset when you don’t respond. They never say hi in person so it’s super awkward when you do see them. Moral of this story? Never swipe right out of pity.

4. Your Ex

You’re both finally over each other, and it was evident when you saw his corny yet endearingly cute profile. Even if you ended things on good terms, you still never EVER want to have an awkward run in with your ex on Tinder. You broke up for a reason sis, don’t let your curiosity make you swipe right. 

5. Your Crush

You see them on campus all the time and you have the biggest crush on him. You might say hi to each other when you see them on campus, so when you do see them on Tinder your heart stops. You scream, show his profile to all your friends, and then spend 15 minutes debating if you should to swipe right. But when you do? WOOOOOH! It’s a match. 

Personally, I’m not Tinder’s biggest fan. It’s put me in way too many awkward situations but it also has definitely given me a lot of funny stories to talk about! Be safe while using Tinder and choose the people you super like wisely. Happy swiping!

Natalie Hernandez

Pace Pleasantville

Natalie Hernandez is a student at Pace University, majoring in digital journalism with a political science and creative writing minor. On campus, she works with the sexual assault prevention office as a confidential resource and peer educator. She is involved in multiple organizations on campus including: Pride at Pace the LGBTQA club, POWER a women’s empowerment group, and Power of Our Words the poetry club which she is the Vice President of. Shes a major a theater geek or as others like to call her – drama queen, poet, concert enthusiast and Netflix addict. Lastly, shes a feminist who’s always ready to talk about current events and pop culture!
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