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What to Save Vs Splurge On and a Few Extra Tips

When you’re shopping for your college dorm and twin size bed, bedding is first on that list. It helps set up the rooms’ aesthetic and will be where you rest after a hard day of learning, studying, or partying.
Some of you may be asking if you should splurge or save on bedding. Quality bed linens will last for a while, but some of us may be looking to buy bedding that will last for the next four years. Should we spend extra or save that money?

Why should you splurge?

  • You have sensitive skin, so you need to keep an eye on for the material.
  • Maintaining the health and luster of your hair and skin is important.
  • You want to sleep comfortably without having to itch at night.
  • You love to have a personal touch to each bedding piece that you put in your dorm room.

Why should you save?

  • Think about the versatility in your buy. Will you be able to use it over and over again or do you think that you’d want to throw it out after a couple of uses?
  • You need at least two sets of bedding and it can be expensive to buy separate pieces, multiplying prices by 2, 3, or even 4. If you can, try to buy bedding in a complete set to save you money.
  • The patterns and colors that you may be crazy over now may get you to ask yourself what you were thinking of years later, so save on your impulses now (:

Here are a couple of extra tips to keep in mind as you go shopping.

  • Look out for the thread count. The higher the thread count, the more durable the bedding will be.
  • Purchase your bedding in-person. The fabric may feel itchy and scratchy and the color may not be as vibrant as it looks online.

Hopefully some of these tips helped you. If you have already bought your bedding, I’m sure that will prove to be comfy and great!

Also, other things that you can either save or splurge on: extra containers in case you don’t have much closet space (you can either buy these at places such as a Crate and Barrel/Ikea etc. or take or make your own from home) and decorations and accessories (you can always do a DIY or head to Target)

Along with this, here is some “Advice to Incoming College First Years”

  • It’s okay, orientation isn’t where you’re supposed to meet your best friends: it’s a time where all or most of the incoming class come together for a couple of days of activity so get out there and join in, be friendly, and smile!
  • Try to learn to manage your time from day one. There are many times when I have asked myself “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” Though it’s fun to hang out with your friends, party, and relax without watchful eyes on you, take the responsibility upon yourself to make sure you have more of that time without all the stress by completing your homework on time and managing your priorities. You’ll be more at ease and able to enjoy your time off instead of trying to complete a significant amount of tasks in a small amount of time.
  • But if you do find yourself in that situation…take it easy, breathe, and get to it! The more time you sit there worrying about what you have to do, the more there is to do in so little time! And it’s okay to miss a couple of parties, you’ll be able to go to the next one!
  • You have your list of classes…what next? The books of course! Before my first year of college had started, I learned that I could rent or buy books. My best advice is to rent the books that you don’t see being useful anytime in the future and buy the books that you see as a worthwhile investment and are interested in (i.e. for your major).
  • If you’re coming to Oxy, remember that it’s Southern California and it’s pretty hot in the summer. It’s definitely great to have cute sundresses, shorts, and blouses on hand. Feeling comfortable helps makes things a lot easier in the summer months.
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself! It’s your first year so take it day by day. 

Image credit: http://www.pbteen.com

What do you splurge on for your dorm room? What do you save on?

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