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What if Banksy Was Your Roommate?

I find only roughly seven things in this life both immensely clever and also hilarious. Six of those things are cats finding ways out of boxes and bags in youtube videos. The other thing is this series of tweets by twitter user Demi Adejuyigbe (@electrolemon). His “Banksy is my roommate” mini-stories are saved to my desktop for when I need a good laugh, and I think it’s about time to share these underappreciated gems with the world. Well, at least with those in the world who read my articles. So, hi mum!

I tried to rank them, but I feel too close to them at this point to do so. Would a mother rank her children in order of favorites? 85% of the time, no.

 And so, in no particular order, here are the Banksy-as-a-roommate tweets that delight me to no end.


1. Banksy knows how to start the morning.


2. Banksy makes a statement and possibly glass shard-related injuries with his antics.


3. Banksy never rests, even at home.


4. Banksy apparently really likes the sound of shattering glass, part two.


5. Don’t let Banksy near a deli/police station.


6. I bet Banksy is never invited to block parties.


7. Banksy takes on the big issues. I hope the cans were empty.


8. Banksy once again uses subtle, yet sophisticated maneuvers to make his points.


9. That toilet paper does not look soft or comfortable, to say the least. Maybe that’s part of the point?


Even when he’s not busy turning the bathroom into a political discussion piece, he’s making trouble for homeowners who say his artwork is a curse.  Hey, even as a famous, unknown-but-famous street artist, you can’t please everyone, you know. Coming from me, also a celebrated and anonymous artist, I can assure you that this is a truth.

Anyway, while you might not feel compelled to always keep these photos in a file marked “banksy tweets lol don’t delete!!” the way I do, I hope you at least got a small chuckle out of this collection. If not, let me know so I can delete you on all social media.

But really, has anyone figured out who Banksy is yet? Because let me just throw this into the mix – I think he might be Bruce Wayne moonlighting as Batman moonlighting as Banksy. Just an idea. Think about it.

Okay, thanks for reading, go do the homework you’ve put off all spring break, kids and quit monkeying around.

Yes, that joke was an excuse to include Banksy’s famous work of an optimistic monkey.

Sarah is a senior history major at Oxy - she likes cats, naps, pizza, and wine.
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