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Tiger Cooler Hacks

Are you feeling less than stoked for your next meal at the Cooler? Well then check out these quick tips for an exciting meal-adventure!

1. Tiger Floats

Do you ever crave a delicious treat but the Cooler’s ice cream selection just isn’t doing it for you? Well turns out you can get any flavor of ice cream in a plastic drinking cup along with a can of soda. It’s called a Tiger Float and it’s actually on the menu. Too bad no one ever orders from the menus because we have been missing out on this our whole lives! If you don’ quite understand, just picture a root beer float but it’s……never mind it’s a root beer float.


2. Chipotle Sauce


You can order chipotle sauce at the Cooler. Did you know that? You could order it as a spread on any of the sandwiches or as a side for dipping fries in. Or you can order it all by itself and eat it with a spoon. Don’t worry, we at Oxy’s Her Campus do not judge! Just don’t ask us what chipotle sauce is. Is it like a spicy thousand islands dressing?


3. Seasoning Salt


You know that tall round table where all the condiments are kept? You know what I’m talking about. People always stand there getting in the way and being incredibly inconvenient. Well on that table is a beautiful gift from above. It is the seasoning salt that will turn even the most mediocre batch of Cooler fries into a delicious and nutritious* treat! Just sprinkle a little on and you’re good to go.


*We’re not 100% sure it’s nutritious, but how could something that tastes so good be bad for you?

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