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It’s finals time! And you know what that means.  It’s time to re-watch Seinfeld episodes, search for million-dollar houses online, organize your pajama drawer, and plan future trips to Europe.   It’s time to realize that there are so many things to do in the world and right now is the perfect time to do them all, besides studying.  Hopefully, with these tips for studying better, you will be able to postpone your Internet wanderings until after this dreaded week of finals. 
Find a new study spot
Maybe the reason you can’t stop playing solitaire or re-loading Facebook at the library is because you have worn out your study spot.  You’ve turned your spot into a place for fun rather than a place for work. Time for a new spot. A change of scene can often clear and refresh the brain.  Also, try out the computer room in your dorm.  It may seem uncomfortable because of random people stopping by, but the fact that there are people around might make you feel guilty for looking at other websites instead of doing your work.  Also, if you’re writing a paper, the discomfort of sitting in the computer room rather than your bed or the comfy chairs at the library will make you want to leave and you can then get it done faster.
Take advantage of free study breaks
They have puppies!! On Monday, December 12 from 6-8 pm in Sycamore Glen they will have certified therapy dogs for students to play with to their hearts content.
They have massages!! On Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-11 pm in Lower Herrick free 15-minute massages will be given, but registration is required so email [email protected] if you want in on some awesome massages. 
Work out and dress nice
Sometimes getting in the mindset is the best thing you can do to help studying.  Throwing on sweats and grabbing a granola bar before heading to the library seems to be the way most of us function, but that might not be the best way to start your studying day.  Perhaps wake up an hour earlier and throw on some work out clothes. Walk on the treadmill or lift weights to send blood to the brain and recharge it.  Even if you just work out for 20 minutes it will make a difference.  You will feel empowered to get your life together.  Dressing nicely may help as well.  Putting effort into your outfit will inspire you to put similar effort into everything else throughout your day.  Also if you happen to run into your crush in the library, you won’t be caught off guard with just sweats and a t-shirt on.
Try new studying techniques
There are a variety of fun, creative ways to study.  Try acronyms, rhyming, making up songs or stories, listening to classical music, studying in the dark, any number of new things may be your niche to studying.  Just don’t get too bogged down by searching for your niche that you abandon studying altogether. 
iPhone advantages
There are loads of ways the iPhone or iPod can help you study.  One thing you can do is record a podcast with everything you need to study.  You can then play back it as you fall asleep or walk around campus.  Writing down and saying your facts aloud will help as well.  Just don’t record your podcast in the library because people may want to kill you.  Also, for iPhone users, download the Flashcards app.  It’s not free, but it is very useful for studying, and you won’t waste paper with hundreds upon hundreds of cards.  Another useful app to download is a whitenoise app.  Instead of getting pissed off at that loud group in the library and using your ruined mood as an excuse to stop studying, you can just pop in your earplugs and the whitenoise will help the annoying people disappear.
Just do it
Take the advice from Nike.  Just do it.  Right now.  Or after leaving a comment about how much you like my article. 

How are you preparing for the insane week that is finals? Leave your comments below!

Photo credit: talkofthecampus.wordpress.com

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