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The Sibling Special: Nicola (’13) and Michael (’15) Schulze

Name: Nicola and Michael Schulze

Year: N: 2013 M: 2015

Major: N: DWA and a minor in film M: Economics

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Relationship Status: Both Single

Usually Seen: N: In the Green Bean or at my house. M: Usually in the library or in Booth

Campus Activities: N: WYSE, O-Core, Delta Omicron Tau. M: Glee club, beat boxer for Cadence, Hyper Xpressions (dance crew), Leader in Inter Varsity, Dance
Pro, O-Team, Phi Kappa Psi.

Why does your sibling deserve campus cutie?: N: He deserves it because he can do so many things. He has an unlisted number of hidden talents. He goes through phases of stuff that he really wants to learn and then he does it. And he’s secretly good at like every sport. Very multi dimensional. If he wasn’t my brother I’d want to get to know him anyway. Also he has dimples. M: Because she is one of the cutest people I know. She’s really funny. When I think of someone being cutesy thats my sister.

Best childhood memory together?: N: Our parents like to do all the really intense sight seeing stuff on vacation and Michael and I do this thing where we take a typical tourist photo of a scene and then like have one of our heads popping out. It’s like “Where are the Schulzes?” We try to just make it fun and act like ten year olds. M: When we were kids Nix didn’t like going on roller coasters but loved Disneyland, so I’d go on all the other rides like Dumbo and It’s a Small World and it was just really fun being there with her.

Any embarrassing stories about your sibling?: N: Michael likes to play board games by himself. And it was weird as a kid because I wanted to play with him and Michael insisted on playing by himself. M: She’s going to be mad at me for this, but when she was little she was a bag lady. She would take things from our Grandmother and Mom in put them in this big bag and organize them in her room. I’d stand guard for her and take the blame while she would hide. She was a little manipulative.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?: N: Tia and Tamara’s new reality show. Oh and Barefoot Contessa. M: Nicola used to be into Gilmore Girls and we’d watch it together all the time… and now I really like the show.

Who is your celebrity crush?: N: Joseph Gordon Levitt M: Rory from Gilmore Girls

First kiss stories: N&M: That is the one thing we really don’t share.

What was your favorite song in middle school?: N: Collide by Howie Day M: Hey There Delilah (N: It was the first song he could play on the guitar and he wouldn’t stop playing it. I still can’t listen to the song).

Favorite memory from your first year at Oxy: N: I’m gonna say when I came and I was a transfer student and we didn’t know where to hang out and so we’d go to the library and just do random stuff. M: Dance Production. I’ve never danced in front of anyone before (N:… except his mirror) and it was a really cool experience.

What is your favorite thing about your sibling?: N: My favorite thing about Michael is that he always sticks with what he believes. He has an unfaltering sense of self. M: Nicola has always been there for me and has always been really nice. She’s the one person I could always talk to and she would be supportive no matter what I want to do. That and I just love hanging out with her.

Who would you nominate for campus cutie?: N: Maybe Ian Mariani (’14) or Lowes Moore (’15) so they will stop asking. M: Maybe I’m a little bit biased but my roommate Elwyn Pratt (’15). He’s legitimately the nicest guy I know. (N: Wait nevermind I change mine to Elwyn). 

Photo Sources: Facebook

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