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Ryan Metzler ’14


Name: Ryan Metzler
Year: 2014
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
Major: Film & Sociology
Extracurriculars: Track & Field, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Single/Taken/It’s Complicated: Single
Movie: Die Hard
Music: Motown & Notorious B.I.G.
Color: cerulean
Spot on campus: National Awards Office (I have my own trailer)
Story of your first kiss: 
In 4th grade, I was caught playing a heated match of spin the bottle in a hot tub with 6th graders. I thought I was pretty cool at the time.
What would be your dream date?
An evening stroll in Central Park.
What do you look for in a girl? 
I look for general sincerity and a good sense of humor.
What confuses you most about girls?
Their obsession with corny reality tv shows.
Can most often be found: 
I basically live on the track and in weingart.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go:
What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever used… that worked?:
Hey did you know that our grandmothers went to elementary school together?
Madi Tsuji is a former Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Occidental. She is originally from Seattle, WA and now lives in New York City, where she works in PR. 
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