Rachel West '15

Name: Rachel West

Age: 22

Year: Senior!!!!

Major: CTSJ

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

So let’s talk about your musical background, how long have you been interested in music?

Well I’ve always wanted to be a pop star ever since the second grade, and I’ve been writing music since the fifth grade.  Music has been a passion of mine for the past 16 years and since sophomore year of College I’ve begun to take my music career seriously.

What is your favorite style of music to listen to when you’re just chilling?

Pop more than anything else can be found on my Spotify, but Pop is such a wide genre and occasionally that includes some alternative pop as well.  I’ve even been getting into some hip hop as of late.

What type of music do you perform?

I perform music from the Pop genre, but some people have told me it sounds kinda alternative R&B

What inspires you to make your music?

Random stuff, like really random.  For example, the song “Orange” which is recorded on my EP released in December was written when I had just come back home and my mom had entirely redecorated our house and pained everything orange and then I just started thinking that nothing rhymes with “Orange,” and that became the song.  In general, my inspiration is drawn from really random things and really random experiences.  Then I use these inspirations to create my music, most times I write my songs all at once.

How did you get into Performing?

Well it started with musical theater. I starred in a performance of School House Rock and ever since then I have been bitten with the performance bug.  When I got to college, I began recording vocal demos (singing an artist’s song before they do) for Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and even Hilary Duff.  It was really exciting!

So what is it like being a singer and having so many fans looking to you for an amazing music experience?

Well my last big concert was with Walla in Portland and there were approximately 500-700 people and it was so much fun getting the opportunity to interact with people I didn’t know. And to see their faces looking up to you in revelry it gives you a certain level of energy.  For SpringFest I’m super stoked to know so many people in the audience and half of them have never heard me sing or perform.

What was your reaction when you were asked to open for SpringFest?

I was STOKED about it!!  I didn’t know who was headlining when they asked me but now I’m very excited to be opening for Tinashe.  I am also really excited to be shareing this experience with the people I’m close to and this will be the very first time I’m performing my entire EP along with some additional surprises.

So how are you feeling about SpringFest as of right now?

I am so excited!! We have done a lot of rehearsal so far and everything is running smoothly. My set at SpringFest will be about 30-45 minutes long which is the longest I have ever gotten to perform for.  And I would just like to say how fortunate and grateful I am to have all this attention since I released my EP in December.  Also don’t forget to check out the Rachel West T-shirts that will be sold at the concert!

So where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Is there a music career in the making for Ms. Rachel West?

Well this year, I’m hoping to devote myself wholeheartedly to my music.  After all, this is the most opportune time to go after everything I want to pursue. Whether that means booking more venues or making more music, I just think that the sky is the limit. 10 years from now, I guess it would be nice to have my own mini empire of sorts. I think the important thing about fame is having the ability to be a real contribution. There are a lot of things I’m really passionate about and I would like to speak out about them through my passion for music.

Any words of Wisdom from a rising artist to her listeners?

“Don’t limit yourself and don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.”