Maddy Farkas '16

Meet Maddy Farkas, this week's Campus Celebrity!

She's a junior Media Arts and Culture major here at Oxy who is known for her hilarious and ongoing use of twitter to tweet at restaurants. You have also probably seen her buzzing around campus being involved in a million different things or sitting in the quad conversing with friends.




Tell us a little bit about yourself Maddy!

I'm a junior Media Arts and Culture major from Thousand Oaks. I want to write comedy for television. Sorry. This is so awkward. I don't know if my answers are meant to be funny or not! About me? I herd sheep. [A fact check revealed this wasn't true.]

Why do you want to write comedy for television?

I grew up watching a lot of TV and something about TV always connected with me. Oh, god. I don't know how to answer questions. This is like a trial. I'm on trial for being a good celebrity.

I'm sorry. It can be hard to talk about yourself, I know. So why did you start tweeting at restaurants?

I wish I could remember the answer to that! One day I was talking to my friend and we started questioning Carl's Jr and who Carl's Sr was, so I tweeted them and they responded. I realized I could really f*** with people. Now I'm in too deep. It's a really deep, dark hole. It's hard because I love it, but people expect it of me now. It's a funny thing to expect of someone. For most people, it's things like helping the poor or volunteering at soup kitchens, but people expect me to tweet f***ed up things at restaurants.

So the pressure is on?

It is. It's really on.

What has been your favorite interaction with a restaurant thus far?

It's hard because there are some that I have ongoing relationships with now, as sad as it sounds. It is as sad as it sounds. Arby's, Red Robin, Applebees – I tweet them constantly and they always respond. It's like we're friends. Sometimes there are certain restaurants where it's only a one time thing but their responses to my questions are hilarious.

So it's like one night stands with restaurants?

Yeah, and some are like friends with benefits...but the benefits are not me getting free food, which I should be.


And you've had another article written about you and your restaurants, correct? 

Yes, in Parade Magazine, by Will Westwater. He's also a junior here. That was more detailing my process...I say that like I'm an artist. Then again, they call pizza makers artists.

Pizza makers are artists.

Yeah, I take that back, they are.

Tell us about some of the other things you're involved with on campus!

 I hate that question because I sound like the biggest dick in the world going through my list. I give tours and I have to cut this list down because people start staring at me. I was on O-Team, I'm a tour guide, I intern at the admissions office, I am a committee chair for Colleges Against Cancer, I have a radio show on KOXY (starts up Mondays at 10!), I also blog for the admissions office, and I'm involved in dance production.

You're so involved.

Yeah, I know.

So, if this is a dream and you could have any celebrity say anything to you, who would it be and what would they say?

Oh, God. I can't decide if I want to come up with a real answer or the witty answer. Actually, they're pretty similar. Um. Wow. It's usually the reverse question, who would I ask and what would I ask're switching this up on me.

I like to keep it fresh.

Okay, so in my ideal world, I'd be famous enough that Carrie Brownstein would come up to me and say, “Have I told you that people say I look like you?” I'd also be her best friend, so that question would be irrelevant.  Actually, no, in this dream we're married, so that would be a weird question for her to ask. Also, Fred Armisen officiated our wedding.


[This fascinating explanation was cut short due to the interviewer screaming loudly because she thought she saw a bee. It was a fly.]


Okay, sorry! Back to the interview. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Taco Bell. Not working there...eating there. If you ask me about where I see myself in 30 years I might have a more solid answer.

Right, so where do you see yourself in 30 years?

Still a campus celebrity. Hopefully as a head writer for my own show while simultaneously trying to not f*** up my three year old daughter's life. Uh, wait. I'd be a very old mother. Hold on, I'm not good at math. I'd be 50. Eh, that''s fine. Whatever. I live with my mistakes.

Okay Maddy, when you're an actual celebrity, don't forget about me.

 I'll try, but I have a terrible memory as it is. What do they do in “50 First Dates” to remember? Video tapes? Do that. Just give me a video tape to watch every day and you're fine.

What is one thing you want people to know?

If I had to choose one thing....I think Bono's a really good person. People give him too much shit, you know? It stresses me out. I can't defend him because everyone hates him. It keeps me up at night.

I think it's the sunglasses, Maddy.

He needs them, okay? He has an eye problem.


To see more of Maddy's fantastic tweets, check out her twitter here.