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LA Metro Bus

Having arrived in L.A. coming from a nice, small (sometimes too small) suburb, I heard plenty of horror stories relating to the L.A. Metro system- late buses, crazy passengers, etc. However, since I’ve never had my own car and therefore couldn’t bring one to college I knew I had to start figuring out the public transportation system, especially for this semester. I’m currently interning for company in Glendale and now have to ride the bus three days a week to and from work. Honestly, it’s working out alright, even though it’s definitely more convenient to have your own car. (But does Los Angeles really need another vehicle clogging the streets?) If you don’t want to worry about carrying exact change for the bus fare all the time, you can purchase a TAP card and load daily, weekly, or monthly passes onto it. It’s pretty easy, too- just order a TAP card at taptogo.net and manage it from your online account. 

Photo Source: Daphne Auza

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