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James Wronoski ’17

Name: James Wronoski

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Corner of Bedlam and Swqualor on the Nickel, Downtown Los Angeles— some small change’d go a long way towards that bus far home, whatever you can spare, you know, I’m hard up, and still owe Frank a couple bucks for that last waltz.

Major: Francophilia // Philophilia

Minor: CTSJ

What are you taking this semester? Any favorites?  Feminism, Aesthetics, Bataille, and Ulysses (with the renowned Stocking— yes, I know him). If I had to chose… I’m gonna have to go with O-Chem.

What are you involved in on campus? I wear the clown suit at ArtLab. You know, they dress me up and slap my cheeks till they turn red. We’re doing good work there. I’m also senior editor for the Journal of Social Justice and Critical Theory. That’s the gig where I wear the Derrida outfit. Or they shave me into Foucault whenever necessary. Real Jacques of all trades kind of deal. I think I might have even edited a paper the other day… Nah, we just throw them in a heap down the stairs between Johnson and Fowler and the ones that make it the farthest get in (but they told me I couldn’t say that… here, they gave me a list…).

Off campus? I try not to leave campus. That’s gentrification, man. But I shoot the breeze and a little pool with a man down the road named Henry. Good man, just got evicted from his house. Could use a place to stay a while, if you know a guy…

If you could wine and dine any three people in the world, who would you choose and why? Individually or all at once? One dinner… I feel like the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is an acceptable answer… But then again I’m Jewish… And then there’s always ubiquity… So I’d have to go with Tom Waits, Heironymous Bosch, and the Marquis de Sade. But if we’re talking three separate dates… Molly Bloom, Henrik Ibsen, and Ethel Merman

Describe your ideal day. Night

If you could be any kind of nut, what kind of nut would you be? Mental

Name something about yourself that people would never guess.  I don’t know how to read. Stop asking.

Do you have a catch phrase? I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. 

Is from the East Coast but about as Connecticut as Feminists are Man-haters (Hint: Not at all) I love studying (but not eating) brains because brains. Music-lover, Social Justice Instigator, Professional Pisser-off-er. Wander till you get lost, get lost until you get found. Das ist it.
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