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Grace Tang ’17

Age: 18, but almost 19!

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Sociology with a Minor in Studio Art

Activities: Editor for Oxy Graphic, Educator in Action for culture of food

So Grace, tell me how you are involved on Oxy’s campus?

I am an editor for Oxy Graphic, a student run comics and cartooning club, with three other fabulous individuals (Mayra Gonzalez, Irene Lam, Marika Tripodes.)  I get to edit comics and makes sure they are not ink blotted and presentable for the public…yeeAAH!

Have you ever written any comics for Oxy Graphic yourself? If so, what’s your special style?

 I publish my own work in every edition! They range anywhere from 1-3 pages and I never really have a set style for my comics, I just start with an idea and let it explode on the page. *hand gestures of massive explosion*

What inspired you to write comics?

Captain Underpants!!! I loved that series!

So I notice you’re an art minor and you have created many works for the school.  What draws you to the art field? Do you have any muses or inspirations?

*Shrugs in uncertainty* It’s fun…

(Background voices: she is perfect, she is a goddess, etc.)

What type of art is your favorite?

I can’t choose a favorite maaaaaaan! (Held for longer than 5 seconds)

Wow… you must do a lot of different arts and craft, well if you can be any art movement what would you be?


Tell us where your idea to crochet cute animal beanies came from?

I thought I could make cool beanies, then I did. Then other people started liking my beanies, so I made them beanies, and now everyone can bask in the animal beanie hat culture! *Cheers from the surrounding voices of a late night common room*

Any new beanies on the horizon?

Taking requests always! Get ready for a new bee hat and maybe even an Appa hat. (Avatar the Last Airbender reference)

Describe your fashion in 1 phrase?


Dream Job?

Art teacher, art teacher, art teacher… (leaning closer as she repeats the phrase) for prison inmates.  They don’t feel so self-conscious and stuff, normal people just think too much!

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Can you give my readers any advice?

I would honestly probably go into a strip mall and live in the Home Depot, they have chainsaws, hedge trimmers, knives — I do enjoy knife sharpening. The mall also needs to have a “168 super market” and a craft store.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be?

Fabulously wealthy

What does a day in the life of Grace Tang look like?

I stay in bed an hour and a half late, flop in bed, and don’t get up when my alarm goes off.  I attempt to make breakfast, I wish I could make sardine sandwiches, but I can’t cuz I can’t make bread on the stove, so I just eat oatmeal.  In my free time I love to kick back and read some visual novels about romantic relationships. 

Favorite Television show?

I would say Steven Universe currently! But Chuck used to be amazing when it was on…

Any words of inspiration for future artists out there?

Don’t overthink it!


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