Felus catus versus Canis lupus familiaris?

Here’s a question that’s been asked on the internet over and over and often ends up in arguments in comment sections: Which are better? Cats or dogs?


5 reasons why cats are better than dogs:

  1. You don’t need to walk them
  2. You don’t need to wash them
  3. You can use them as a heater
  4. They are just cute
  5. They have jelly bean toes


5 reasons why dogs are better than cats:

  1. You need to walk them; it forces you to exercise at least once a day
  2. They listen. Mostly.
  3. Dogs love everyone
  4. They are also cute
  5. They don’t need litter boxes (which smells plus did i mention that the litter itself is super heavy?)


Rather than debate which one is better, why not have one of each? Or more?