Eduard Pey '15

Our campus cutie this week is a man of few words and even fewer points on the pH scale. 

Name: Eduard Pey

Age: 21

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Relationship Status: Single

 Major: Chemistry

What's your Ideal Date? Hiking.

(editor's note: I try to get more detail out of him.  "Long hikes or short hikes? What happens when you're lost in the wilderness with a person you just realized you hate?  What if you two go missing and then everyone thinks you're a crazy serial killer who lures people into the woods on hiking dates and then kills them?" Ed rolls his eyes and declines to provide an answer to these follow up questions.)

What's your turn on/ turn off? Turn on: pragmatism (presumably this trait is helpful when you're lost in the woods on a hiking date.) Turn off: basicity 

(to be fair there are very few starbucks in the wilderness. Also is basicity a term you can use outside of chemistry? I mean chemically speaking aren't all humans slightly basic? I don't ask him these questions because the last chemistry class I took was in the 10th grade.)

Who's your celebrity crush? Tswift 

(Does she hike? Is "Out of the Woods" about their hiking date gone wrong? When I ask Ed this, he gets up to leave. Fortunately, I'm able to shout my last question at him before he leaves the room.)

What's the worst or most awkward date you've ever been on? Everything tinder. (Has this ever not been true?)