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Crafty Collegiette: No Carve Pumpkins

Just because Halloween is technically over, doesn't mean you have to put away your pumpkins! You can decorate all season long with these adorable and trendy no carve options.

Glitter: All you have to do is cover your pumpkin in glue or mod podge and then attack it with glitter! Spray with some adhesive so that the glitter doesn't end up all over your room.

Paint: Grab your paintbrush and put your favorite design on your pumpkin (probably the easiest option out there!)

Crayon Art: Remember this trend? Now you can keep doing it with your pumpkins! Just put some crayons at the top of your pumpkin and heat with a blow dryer.

Ribbons: Here is an easy way to add some class to your pumpkins.  Wrap ribbon around your pumpkin and glue in place.

Lace: Wrap your pumpkin in lace to achieve a super glam pumpkin.

Duct Tape: Cover your pumpkin in patterned duct tape for an easy and attractive pumpkin.

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