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Crafty Collegiette: Braided Necklace

Looking to DIY a Christmas present for your bestie? Just want a cute accessory that's totally unique?  Look no further than this braided necklace! It is incredibly easy to make and I did it all with materials I already had in my room.

Materials Needed:

  • Beads
  • String (I used both stretchy string and friendship bracelet string)
  • Nail Polish
  • Scissors


1. Thread beads on to your string until it is the desired length for your braid and tie ends.  This is where I used the stretchy string.  Repeat until you have enough strings to make a braid.  My beads were fairly big so I only did three strands, but if your beads are small you might want two strands for each section (six total).

2. Braid your strands.  Keep the braid fairly loose so the beads don't get messed up.  Tie knots at both ends to keep it from unraveling.

3. Tie your other string to each end of the braid, this is when I used friendship bracelet string.  You could also use ribbon, necklace chain, or any other material you would like to be shown in your necklace.  I used one long piece of string so I can easily slip the necklace over my head.  At this time, put nail polish on all of your knots to keep them from coming undone.  

4. Cut excess string and admire your new jewelry!! It's even cute enough to display like art!

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