Colleen Walton '16 & Sarah Klenha '16

Year: Both Juniors


Colleen: Washington, DC

Sarah: Yorba Linda, CA


Colleen: Russian and Spanish

Sarah: Math


Colleen: Computer Science

Sarah: Computer Science and Theatre


What are you involved in on Campus?

Colleen: We’re both Campus Correspondents for Oxy's Her Campus page and members of Open Source, the computer science club. I am also a member of Theta.

Sarah: And I’m in Delta and College Chorus.


What’s your vision for Her Campus?

Colleen: We both want to create a safe and empowering platform for women to express themselves at Oxy. 

Sarah: Even if that means writing an article about "12 Ice Cream Cones That Totally Get You", as long as it’s for women by women!


What is your advice to an incoming first years?

Sarah: Just be yourself, get involved and don’t sweat the haters, because they’re gonna hate hate hate. And don't be ashamed to listen to Taylor Swift. Never feel ashamed for that.

Colleen: Don’t take an 8:30 class, be open to new experiences, and don’t be embarrassed if your friend listens to Taylor Swift.


What are you passionate about?

Colleen: Dismantling the patriarchy, human rights and JCrew.

Sarah: Ending girl-on-girl hate, empowering young women to join the STEM fields and being Instagram famous.


How would you describe each other?

Sarah: Colleen is a sparkling piece of garbage.

Colleen: Sarah is just regular garbage.


You two are quite the unit on campus. Are you ever apart?

Colleen: Only during chapter meetings.

Sarah: And sometimes when we're sleeping.

Colleen: There is nothing wrong with having a best friend who is essentially your sister.

Sarah: And who you are essentially married to.


There’s a rumor going around that you two are witches. Care to comment?

Colleen:  There’s nothing wrong with a little human sacrifice

Sarah: People can think what they want to think, that’s what being Campus Celebrity is all about.


Isn’t it a little self-promoting to make yourselves Campus Celebrity?

Colleen: No, of course not. How dare you? Do you see how much we’re involved in?

Sarah: Follow me on instagram @sarahvonschweetz