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It’s 9:10 and you have class at 9:30. Believe me, I know the feeling when you go to sleep at 2 a.m. and set your alarm at 6:45 in order to squeeze in some study time…and end up sleeping right through your alarm. So you have 15 minutes to get ready for class, what do you do? Besides going through your regular morning routine, some of you ladies may have a beauty regimen in the works. Whether it consists of no products, a couple products, or more than a few products, here are some suggestions with what you can put in your beauty bag when you’re in a hurry; or you may just want to cut back on your consumption of products! Almost all of the products that I am talking about will be from the drugstore – in comparison to brand names found at the shops – so it will cater to whatever budget you have. 

Let’s start with the basic of basics:

Ecotools Brush Set
If you’re looking for an inexpensive brush set, head over to your local CVS and check out the Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set. Not only do they apply makeup on your face smoothly, but the brushes are soft as well.
Note: You may not even have to head over to the local drugstore anymore! Take a look into your drawers and pull out your cotton q-tips. They’re easy on-the-go applicators!

Cetaphil Face Wash
This is a personal favorite of mine because it is for all skin types. Whenever I used Cetaphil, it cleansed my skin but didn’t make it feel super dry. However, this isn’t something to turn to when you want to wash off your makeup. Philosophy has a cleanser called “Purity Made Simple”, which is a one step cleanser that can do all of that for you.

It’s recommended that everyone wear moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect their skin everyday. Olay is always a classic brand, but if there are tons of brands in the store (i.e. Neutrogena, Aveeno, Coppertone) that can apply to your specific needs (i.e. sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin).


Wet n’ Wild “Walking on Eggshells”
This eyeshadow trio comes in three basic colors: a neutral shade for the lid, a bronze brown for the crease, and a shimmery pearl color for the brow bone. When in a hurry, don’t doubt the neutrals. These colors compliment almost every eye color and are able to brighten up your eyes in a quick bit.
Also, brands such as Covergirl, Revlon, and Almay have a great selection of eyeshadows to choose from. So if you’re stuck in a rut and can’t decide whether or not you want to go back to Laura Mercier or the M.A.C. store to pick up your usual color…give the drugstore a chance. You never know if you can find the similar – or exact! – color of eyeshadow there, and for a bargain too (:

Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara, Waterproof
This mascara comes in a few shades depending on the buyer’s eye color. I’m not exactly sure how or if these mascara makes your eye color more prominent, but I know that it helps keep my curled eyelashes in place all day.

As for concealer…
Use your foundation. You may be tempted to buy one, but use your foundation if you have it on hand. It’s supposed to match your skin tone and hopefully will camouflage some dark circles after a hard night’s studying.

There’s nothing like good ol’ Chapstick that’s staring right at you when you’re checking out and getting ready to make your purchase. Remember to moisturize and protect your lips because they need some of your attention.
Another product that may prove useful is lipstain. Revlon has their “Just Bitten” line that is pretty popular with my friends. It provides a subtle change of color in your lips, just enough to last you throughout the day or night.

Often times, blush can look cakey. L’Oreal is here to solve that with their “True Match” blush that doesn’t make you look like you had glitter tossed onto your face. Instead, you’re glowing because of that nice peach flush you got going on. Woo!

So I have everything on my eyes, how do I get it off?
There are tons of eye makeup remover products in stores, but I like to use olive oil. It’s right in your kitchen and easy to use. I find that it takes makeup off well – without having to rub vigorously at your eyes – and moisturizes the surrounding eye area. 
So with those 15 minutes to get, you can choose to mix it up a bit and go for a really simple look such as: mascara, lipstain (can be used for blush too!), and a bit of foundation (which can be mixed with your moisturizer/sunscreen for that natural look).  Basically, it’s up to you and what suits you best, so take a look into your beauty bag and see what works.
Good luck!

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/valette/3817251948/

Collegiettes, what does your morning makeup routine entail?

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