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Back to School Resolutions!

Collegiettes™ everywhere are heading to campuses this time of year – whether they’re old hats or wide-eyed first-years, everybody’s got a back to school resolution they’d like to keep! Here are some resolutions from around Oxy:
On studying harder:
“I want to start my essays at least three days ahead.” –April, ‘14
“I want to actually start studying for finals before finals week!” –Kristen, ‘14
“I want to stop procrastinating… Tomorrow.” –Haley, ‘13

“To study hard and write an amazing senior thesis.” –Kendra, ‘12
“My resolution for next year would be to learn all the capitals of the world by the end of the first semester.” –Emily, ‘14
On exploring Los Angeles:
“This year I’m going to stress less and spend more time outside.” –Jean, ‘14
“Get off campus more to explore all the great sites that LA has to offer!” –Emma, ‘14
“A couple of my resolutions are: adopt better study habits, save money, and explore LA, including museums, concerts, etc.” –Rachel, ‘14
“I want to experience more of LA!” –Drew, ‘14
On working out more: 
“Some resolutions I have are to read for fun more, get more involved in clubs, and definitely to work out more than I have been lately.” –Emily, ‘14
“Work on not procrastinating by watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, eat healthier and don’t always go straight for the pasta bar, and work out in Alumni Gym more (while the boys are there so it forces me to run haha!).” –Mackenzie, ‘14

 “I want to hit the gym more, stop procrastinating (riiight), take more pictures! And write, write, write :)” -Ariana, ’12
On general life improvement:
“I want to spend more time at the library and cook for myself instead of eating at the Marketplace.” –Marnie, ‘14
“1. Appreciate food at the marketplace. 2. Go to yoga. 3. See the sunrise on Fiji.” –Valerie, ‘13
“No more freakshows.” -Audrianna, ’14
“My new school year resolutions? Actually make it to the beach this year, take more pictures and generally document my college life more, and maybe I should call my mom more than once every two weeks… :-)” –Lauren, ‘14
“My resolutions for the year are to spend more time outside and to be more organized.” –Campbell, ‘14
“I want to be more confident taking tests that I have studied hard for and to not wear track spandex to every class.” –Maggie, ‘14
“Get pregnant with cornbread.” –Ruby, ‘14
 “To enjoy my last year at Oxy with as many laughs as possible!” –Larkin, ‘12

“Eat healthy and cook at least five days a week, stay organized and go to the library more, and meet lots of people! =)” -Maana, ’12

So how do you keep these great resolutions? Making big changes is hard, but by starting small and keeping at it, you’re sure to end the year feeling accomplished and satisfied!
What did you think? Did you have any of the same resolutions? Add yours below! 

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Madi Tsuji is a former Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Occidental. She is originally from Seattle, WA and now lives in New York City, where she works in PR. 
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