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Alex Miller ’13

To kick of this school year, meet this week’s campus cutie from O-Core Alex Miller ’13!

Name: Alex Miller
Year: Senior
Major: CTSJ
Hometown: South Orange New Jersey
Relationship status: Single
Usually seen: Walking really fast on the quad, frowning
On campus activities: Oxy Weekly, CTSJ Journal, Zeta Tau Zeta, O-team

How do you feel about being nominated?
It’s an honor to be nominated, but it’s a real thrill to win.

What is your ideal date?
Dinner on a yacht with a private performance from Beyonce. Or just a paid dinner.

Do you have a deal breaker?
Bad breath or body odor in general.

If you had a million dollars…
I’d probably spend a little bit of it and then save it because I don’t know anything about investments. How cute is that!

Favorite song when you were in middle school?
“Magic Stick” by Lil Kim and 50 Cent

Favorite part about being on O-Team?
Getting to know lots of new people.

Embarrassing story from your first year at Oxy?
I had these two friends that lived together. I’d go over to their room to watch movies, but since only two people could fit in the bed I would sit on the floor next to them trying to see/feel included.

Favorite Oxy memory?
The last two years of O-team. It’s so exciting to be excited.

Biggest guilty pleasure?
Once or twice a year I’ll go on weeklong Sims 3 binges.

First Kiss story?
It was at a teen club and I couldn’t pick the person out of a line-up now. Not much of a story there.

If you could nominate someone for campus cutie who would it be?
I would nominate my roommate Ashton. She is the best.

Advice for first years?
Try to get involved in the school so you feel more connected, but be careful not to over commit yourself.

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