Why Society is Wrong to Tell Women to Stop Drinking

As women in college, we are often told it is important for us to be careful when drinking so as to protect ourselves from the possibility of being raped.

We’ve probably all been there. Whether it was during orientation, at the mandatory alcohol education seminar we had to attend, or simply during a conversation with our parents or friends, at some point the topic of alcohol and college comes into play.

Of course, men and women are both advised to be careful with drinking because of the physical side effects such as feeling sick or hungover and possible future health concerns or addiction.

But why is it that those conversations tend to put an emphasise on advising young women to hold back on drinking in ways men usually don't have to consider?

This is not to say that men can't also be raped after consuming alcohol (this also happens and is also a problem), but the way society seems to look at the world, women who drink excessively are more likely to be raped. Thus, it seems that some people infer it will be the female’s fault that she is raped since she was drinking.

Society’s attempts for fixing the problem of rape, although most often meant to help women, are misguided.

Society should focus on fixing the problem of the source of the rape, which lies with the rapist.

Just because a woman has been drinking does not mean she is giving consent.

By telling women that drinking less will “solve” the problem of rape, perpetuates rape culture.

We need change to happen. Because this problem is embedded so deeply in our society and it is up to all of us to find a voice and make change come.

Educating the public, having open discussion about the topic and teaching from a young age what is appropriate and what is not are all key factors in making a change and ones that we as a society must learn to implement if we ever hope to make a change.