When Your Best Friend Moves On

College is a long-distance relationship between loved ones, and that includes friends.

I want to believe in happy endings and friends forever, but sometimes neither party does anything wrong and the friendship still ends.

I met one of my closest friends in sixth grade when we sat behind each other in math class, but we only ever got to become friends who saw each other in school. After the year ended, we stopped talking and lost touch. Fast forward to high school where, while we exchanged a few words in the first two years, we didn’t truly become friends until the eleventh grade. It started with frenzies of stupid selfies and texts, then afternoons on the basement couch watching dumb cartoons, then my tears hidden in the dark when we texted late at night about our vulnerabilities and past loves. I had never become so close with someone so fast.

We knew that things were going to change when college came, but we weren’t worried because so much of our communication had solely been on text.

I want to talk to her all the time. Every time something happens, I want to call her and tell her about it for hours. Every weekend, I still want to watch cartoons with her.

I’m hurt by how she’s busy. I want to be happy for that she is so happy but it’s hard when I’m so unhappy. I want to make her hang out with me, but I know I cannot selfishly hang onto her and force her to only hang out with me because that would be unhealthy.

We’ve both discussed the increasing distance between us several times, but there is not much that is going to change. She has grown and I am stuck in the past. I know that she still cares about me, but the time where I knew she would be there for me whenever I needed her is over. I don’t blame her for just wanting to enjoy the college experience. We’re just another pair of victims of the circumstances of life.