Was Fall Formal Really Worth It?

Oxford College’s annual Fall Formal event was held on Friday, November 16th at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Set with the theme of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, tickets were $20. But was the entire affair actually worth it?

Yes, if you needed a night to just dress up and spend time doing anything else but studying. Sometimes, it’s real nice to clean up once in a while in college and serve some looks other than sweats. Fall Formal offered a couple hours of just chilling with your buddies, whether it be stuffing your face with the hors d’ouevres (honestly, any other food is a great break from Lil’s) or waiting in line for a caricature or Asian name painting together. Additionally, with SAC’s hard work, there was a great photo booth and a live band to fool your Instagram followers and Snapchat friends into thinking you actually made a trip down to New Orleans. And finally, who would want to miss a visit from the famous Dooley? She came down to the Fox Theater and roasted some of our favorites, although some may argue that she went a little easy on them.

However, on the other hand, formal did not run as smoothly as many would have liked. For example, the lines for the caricatures and the Asian name painting were very long. Many students, myself included, had to wait in line for over an hour to get the Asian name painting done. However, let’s say that you gave up on waiting in line and wanted to just dance the night away instead. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the music, which kept cutting of on practically every other song. In fact, it cut off Travis Scott’s Goosebumps not once, BUT TWICE, which really angered many Oxford students.

Overall, SAC worked very hard to put this all together, which really deserves a round of applause. Even though the event could have been better, it was fun to get out and dress nicely as well as support SAC friends. So, if you’re willing to spend $20 to spend some quality time with friends and dance intermittently, fall formal was definitely worth it.