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Surviving Summer with our Survival Kit

We’ve all been looking forward to the summer for months, especially those of us who are finally graduating! However, with the summer comes shaving, sunburns, broken sandals, and dry hair. As someone who lives in Florida, I’m pretty used to those things on a year-round basis, so here are my favorite goodies to help me, and hopefully you, thrive!

Protecting my Hair:

1. Bed Head’s Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray

My hair is not only always dry, it is also always knotted up! With this product, I can get rid of the frizz and dryness and brush my hair without pain! If that wasn’t enough, it also smells AMAZING.

Link: http://bit.ly/2HwB1ym

2. Bed Head’s Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo

Let’s be honest, I don’t wash my hair every day, and neither should you! I used to hate how greasy my hair would get, but I also hated the way dry shampoo smells. This product, which makes my hair look great, smells like sweet honey and its name reminds me of Beyonce, which just makes me feel flawless.

Link: http://bit.ly/2HVgSTP

3. Bed Head’s Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist

I love a messy beach look, but I hate putting effort into it, so forget about taking clumps of gel or using hairspray, which makes my hair feel extremely dry. This mist is easy to use, all I do is spray it on and crunch my hair up a little bit, and voila! A beautiful beach wave look!

Link: http://bit.ly/2Fw4Kei

Flawless Face:

1. Buxom Cosmetics’ Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly

Ever since Kylie Jenner has become an icon, big lips are IN! This gloss is a beautiful, natural pink shade, is sparkly, and plumps your lips for a voluminous pout!

Use code HERCAMPUS at checkout for 20% off your ENTIRE purchase at http://www.buxomcosmetics.com

Link: http://bit.ly/2FAkrBp

2. Freeman Beauty’s Feeling Beautiful Clearing Sweat Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Mask

Peel-off masks require less cleaning up than regular masks, so they are my favorite! This Sweat Tea and Lemon Mask smells just like summer, absorbs oils from your face, tones your skin, and comes off easily!

Link: http://bit.ly/2FGMw5W

3. Freeman Beauty’s Feeling Beautiful Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub

This two-in-one product can be used as a mask AND as a quick scrub to detox your skin! I often find that detox products dry my skin out, but this mask/scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Link: http://bit.ly/2EBhRWc

Easy Living:

1. Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles 4ct-0.5g

Life gets crazy, and I simply don’t want to deal with broken sandals and broken sunglasses when I’m at the beach! These singles come in a small little box that will fit in the smallest purse, so that you can fix anything on the go! I’ve already fixed my favorite pair of heels and a pair of sunglasses with them, and it’s not even May yet!

Link: http://amzn.to/2EQX7vp


1. Schick Quattro YOU

Razors are expensive, and when you are shaving every other day because all you are wearing are shorts and dresses, you go through them FAST. These razors allow me to go up to three days without needing to shave, make the shower smell like I’m on vacation, are easy to use, and are inexpensive.

Link: http://bit.ly/2FQIlaQ

2. Schick Silk Touch Up Razor

Shaving your face as a woman sounds scary and can seem embarrassing, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! Even if you aren’t very hairy (I personally have this weird thing where my brows try to connect with my hairline, which I used to wax, but now shave), shaving your face exfoliates it by removing peach fuzz and dead skin, which leaves you with glowing skin and a smooth makeup application! Shaving your face with a regular razor is sure to leave you with cuts, but this razor has one blade with fine micro guards, and comes with a Precision Cover to shorten the blade’s length if you need to be more precise in a certain area! 

Link: http://amzn.to/2FV1PLw

3. Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner

I have a love-hate relationship with shaving cream. I’m too lazy to use it and I hate having to rinse my razor after half a stroke, but with Skintimate’s product, I never go one shave without shaving cream! It smells like heaven, moisturizes my skin to the point of not needing lotion afterwards, and is thin enough to not take over my entire razor!

Link: http://bit.ly/2qoyFdY

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