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It’s an early spring! Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow on Groundhog Day (February 2). The weather is quickly warming up and the cold, dry winter-y days will soon be behind us. As busy college students, it is easy to get burned out studying and working. However, it is important we go outdoors and rejuvenate ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. In honor of spring’s arrival, here are a few ideas to get some started to help you enjoy the spring season and welcome the warm weather back!

1. Hiking

At Oxford, we are fortunate to have beautiful nature trails next to campus. A hike will allow you to manage your stress and give your body and soul the much needed break during a busy school day. Use this time to reconnect with nature and admire the vegetation and wildlife spring brings along. You can even take pictures of the beautiful scenery and inspire others to tag along on your next hike.


2. Puddle splashing

Who doesn’t want to channel their inner childhood?! Unfortunately, spring brings many days of rain and clouds. Relief your anger, stress, and frustration by splashing in the many deep puddles found all around campus. It’s probably safer to do this idea after class as you don’t want to come into class soaking wet and cold.

3. Squirrel watching

There are many squirrels on campus ranging from all sizes and shapes. Chase your furry friends around, admire them, or do a photoshoot with them. Then, share your creations to the Squirrels of Oxford Instagram page.

4. Nap outdoors

After doing one of the above activities or surviving yet another day of college, treat yourself to an afternoon nap in the springtime sunshine. You can rent a hammock from the CHL or lay in the grass and relax peacefully.

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