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Thank goodness spring break is finally here. I think we all agree this has been the longest first half of a semester yet. Fortunately, we have a week to take time just for ourselves. However, I heard a lot of people saying that they had so much work to do over the break because of tests the week we get back. I understand the need to do work, but I hope people will still take time for themselves over this break.

Obviously, procrastination is never the right answer. Although we all do it, most of the time. This is different from procrastination. This break you should take time for yourself even if it is just a day or two of doing absolutely nothing. Regardless of the work you have, you will feel better and be more productive by catching up on sleep, catching up with family, and doing something that you will really enjoy. Also, you will get to eat food that isn’t Lil’s fine dining at Oxford.

I hope that everyone has a great spring break that they can enjoy regardless of the looming end of the semester. This break is a nice time to just take a breather and prepare for what lies ahead. I know this whole semester has been difficult, but a time away has finally come. Once you have given yourself time to rest, then you can come back and finish the semester strong. Before you know it, summer break will be upon us. Happy spring break everyone.

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