A Reflection on the School Year

A personal change I want to create is changing my mentality on how things are supposed to go in my life. If things don’t go how I plan or want them to be, I want my mindset to be that “I’ll be okay” rather than “I’m screwed”. I think I used to be better about this, but since starting college I feel more of a pressure that there is this point A that leads to a point B and so on that needs to be followed or else I’ll fall behind or my future won’t turn out how I want it to be. I know in my heart that life doesn’t always go as planned, and if all else fails, I have the capability of getting where I want to be. I want to do a better job of connecting that feeling with my mind and how I think.

I want to make this change because I know it is better for my overall health and happiness. If I always live life with a negative view when plans don’t work out, I know I would always be in a constant state of turmoil. I think being at peace and having a positive attitude are two important qualities everyone should strive for. Also, I believe in having your heart and mind connected. If they’re always in conflict with each other, I don’t think you can be truly happy. I am happy with my life right now, and I just want to make sure I will still be happy in the future.

I would implement changing my mentality just by reminding myself that everything will be okay. I will tell myself that life is definitely going to throw me curve balls, but I just need to be prepared to deal with them and move forward. I think as long as I can remind myself of what I really feel, my mind will eventually follow and I will start to think that always. I will also reflect on the fact that I’ve made it this far when there has definitely been some things that I didn’t plan on having to deal with but I somehow did. I’m still here and I can keep going.

I think I will always have to keep myself in check if I want to implement this change. I will most likely find myself having the thought that “I’m screwed” because whatever happened, but I’ll just have to remind myself what I said in the previous paragraph. It will be a daily reminder for me to keep a more positive outlook.