Reasons Why It's Perfectly Okay to Get Rejected From Your Dream School

After touring a laundry list of colleges over the summer, you might’ve decided that your state flagship is way too big. Maybe you decided that you’re a city gal at heart, or that you want to attend a school with a hands-on learning nursing program. Maybe, upon your countless visits, you found the one: your dream school. 


Like many high school seniors, I submitted an early decision application to my #1 school. After being waitlisted and eventually, denied, I’ve come to realize that rejection is perfectly okay. Here are the three most important reasons why: 


1. Everything happens for a reason. 

Upon reflecting on my former “dream school,” I’ve come to realize that it just wasn’t a good fit. The student population was way too big for my introverted tendencies, and the student life was way too focused on sports for my artistic interests. Although I was initially apprehensive about Oxford’s rural setting and small size, I’ve come to realize that it fits my personality more than my top choice school ever would. All in all, you might end up preferring the school you were initially on the fence about. 


2. You’re awesome anyway. 

During the college admissions process, students tend to forget that the ranking of the school you attend is not a measure of your character. Admissions officers judge you based on what’s on paper; getting denied from your top school doesn’t mean you’re any less wonderful, intelligent, or successful than the students who do get in. Remember your worth! 


3. It’s better to go to a school that is more your level. 

In all honesty, I’m glad that I ended up at my current school — although challenging, I don’t find myself incredibly stressed out because of the heavy workload. College is about learning and improving yourself, and you can’t do that if you’re constantly distressed about potentially failing your classes. 


All in all, try to take it easy. Rejection happens to everyone, and if you aren’t happy at the school you end up attending, transferring is always an option. As an eighteen year old in a huge world, there is so much to learn and explore. Instead of stressing out, cherish the last months you have with your high school friends — try to live a little! I promise that things will all end up okay.