RAs, PALs, and iMentors

Are you a first-year student interested in becoming a leader at Ox?! Don't worry, we got you covered! Here are some leadership positions you can apply for next semester! 

1. RA (Resident Assistant)

I'm currently an RA in Haygood Hall, and I love my job! At times, balancing my work schedule, academics, and social life can be challenging. As an RA, I've had to plan programs for my residents, collaborate with other RAs to sponsor events and building programs, create bulletin boards, attend weekly meetings, and cut my breaks short to open or close the halls. I know that sounds like it's a lot, but being an RA is extremely rewarding. I've met many wonderful people this semester who have definitely made my experiences at Oxford enjoyable and memorable. Not only do I work with a group of amazing, intelligent RAs who work endlessly to help their residents succeed at Ox, but I also assist my residents in getting involved on campus or creating manageable course schedules for upcoming semesters. 

2. PAL (Peer Assistance Leaders)

PALs are one of the first people you meet on this campus, and they're super fun, ENERGETIC, and exciting. PALs guide first-year students through their entire transition process to college. During orientation, each PAL leads a group of students to help them meet new people and understand the logistics of college life, which includes class scheduling and campus traditions. My favorite part about orientation is watching the PALs and their groups compete in the OxOlympics, a fun Oxford tradition that all first-year students participate in. The endless amount of cheers from the students could put you in high spirits for days. On top of that, you get a free shirt! Who wouldn't want their very own OxOlympics T-shirt?! After orientation, PALs teach a specialized first-year academic seminar called Learning to Lead, which prepares first-year students for future leadership positions on campus. Learning to Lead, or L2L, is a required course for students who are interested in applying for on-campus leadership positions, such as RA, PAL, and iMentor.

3. iMentor

iMentors assist international students during the International Student Welcome (ISW), where students from outside the United States spend almost a week on campus before classes start in the fall. During ISW, iMentors ensure that the students have fun while they're on campus, and lead small group discussions that focus on the academic, cultural, financial, and legal issues that international students may face during their college transition. In addition to this, the iMentors and their iMentees take a trip to Atlanta to visit tourist hotspots, including the World of Coke and Six Flags. After ISW, iMentors continue to plan programs and events throughout the semester. My personal favorite is the iMentor Night Kitchen, where iMentors cook DELICIOUS food from around the world. There's dancing, food, and your fav iMentors all in one place. Who wouldn't want to join in the fun?


Stay tuned for our next article to read about other leadership positions on campus!