The Oxford Ensemble of Shakespearean Artists Presents Fair Em!

Get ready for three nights of fun as Oxford’s Ensemble of Shakespearean Artists (OESA) presents their modern-day revival of the long-lost treasure Fair Em! This rarely performed Elizabethan era stage play that is commonly accredited to William Shakespeare is directed by Elizabeth Johnson and will be performed by an amazing cast of Oxford students on April 6, 7, and 9. Come stop by the Rathskeller on this Thursday at 7 pm, Friday at 7 pm, or Sunday at 1 pm to see two brilliant love triangles in action!

Above: William the Conqueror and Lübeck

Above: Dress rehearsal

Fair Em has two layers of plot that contain unexpected and humorous plot twists. The main plot follows William the Conqueror, who decides to meet Denmark’s princess, the woman he has fallen in love with from an image on a shield. Upon arriving in Denmark to see the woman he has fallen for, William the Conqueror is met with an unexpected turn of events, as another woman catches his eye. Meanwhile, the subplot of Fair Em follows a beautiful Miller’s daughter, Em, that is pursued by multiple suitors. Em brings out hope that there are virtuous women and plays an unwitting role in resolving the love triangle William the Conqueror has fallen into.

Above: Dr. Kevin Quarmby advising the cast

Come out and support classmates as they present the final product of their efforts over the past couple weeks. Support OESA club advisor Dr. Quarmby and director Elizabeth Johnson in their last Oxford College play! Watch your friends as they dance around maypoles and fence after fist fights. Their acting will be sure not to disappoint!

Above: Director Elizabeth Johnson

Tickets will be available at the door at no cost. This is the perfect opportunity for some quality entertainment on a college student budget. The expected running time of the show is approximately ninety minutes without intermission. Get ready for lots of love, Elizabethan era catfishing, unexpected plot twists, a disguise, feigned illness, and happy marriages! When it comes to drama, OESA has it all!

Above: Fair Em

Above: Fair Em’s three suitors

All photo credits go to the amazing June Kwon!