NBC's This is Us

This week, I found myself having a bit more time than usual— maybe it was because I was sick and wasn’t able to go to class, or maybe it was because I didn’t have any tests coming up. With all of this free time, I started to watch this show that all my friends were telling me to watch: NBC’s This Is Us. I instantly found myself hooked on the plot and storyline, so much so that I managed to watch 23 episodes in less than a week. 

The show focuses on this one family, the Pearson’s and has flashbacks to the past during critical moments. Jack and Rebecca are the parents of triplets (Kevin, Kate, and Randall) and we learn about their past as well as critical moments in their attempt to raise three children. The children, now in their thirties, try to find the deeper meaning in their present day situation. There is Randall, who is successful in every way possible, but still is wondering about his biological parents. Next, there is Kate who is struggling with obesity and finally finding self-acceptance. Finally, there is Kevin, who wants to challenge himself and build a worthwhile career, but must face some difficult choices.  

The show really highlights the importance of family and love during both good and bad times. I highly recommend it to anyone because it has some valuable lessons that are still applicable to our lives. The newest episode comes out on October 31st on NBC!