For the Love of Biology

My favourite subject is one that explores the enigmatic phenomena of nature, one that consists of diverse branches and subdisciplines, one that governs the principles of life as we know it. It is biology. Perhaps my interest is inherent. My father and I adored watching animals, and we would often visit the zoo when I was little. 


Back then, I never thought much of how those animals came to be or how they survived, but gradually, my vision started to change. Initially, the only aspects of biology that caught my attention were physical elements such as the wings of eagles or the necks of giraffes. As time progressed, I realized the true beauty of the study of life, how fascinating the world of cells turned out to be. From photosynthesis to cellular respiration, from DNA transcription to homeostasis, a vast series of mechanisms and nutrients are needed to sustain the wondrous state of being. The seemingly mundane words of cellular function prove to be much more than mere letters. They are the fundamental basis of humanity, the key to understanding the ways of life. I have come to recognize this truth about biology, and along with this truth, I am reminded of the constant struggle for survival. 


Still, despite today’s advancements in both research and technology, numerous questions are left unanswered and countless hindrances are to be cleared. Viruses are becoming vaccine resistant, there is no cure for cancer, and we still do not know if there is an elixir of life. As much as our knowledge continues to expand, certain bottlenecks appear again and again to obstruct our pending steps forward. Even so, I do believe that biology holds the answer to most of these problems.


Biology not only informs us of why we need to eat, drink, or breathe, but it also provides the foundation to life-changing innovations. I want to be one of those who discover the reasons behind these “whys.” It is no lie to say that this subject sparked my desire to know.