She sat there waiting for someone, desperately crying, and throwing her dignity away for the person who would sell her soul to the devil. Perhaps her resolve was worth the fight. Perhaps he still loves her. No, he definitely loves her. He’s just not in a good place right now. He’ll come around for sure. I mean, it’s him: the person who skipped Friday English classes with her, the one who stood up for her when everyone accused her, the same him who stole her first kiss that autumn night under the moonlight. How could he be so cruel? This is just a tiny swerve in the road. They’ll make it out. Their love is stronger than that. But the truth is—the only love left is hers, and hers alone. 


It was just a game to begin with. He found her attractive. She liked him. That was that. He never really cared for her. She was cute and obedient, but the interest eventually faded. He was bored of her, yes, but he was not going to break off the relationship. After all, he liked being treated as the king. She started living to please him, accommodating her actions to his every move. But he was not satisfied. He knew that she loved him too much to say “no,” and so he took advantage. He ceased to put up a facade around her, even remotely. He never asked where she wanted to go, or what she wanted to eat. On days he was troubled, he would take his anger out on her, verbally abusing her to fuel his own ego. She had to follow his every wish or what awaited her was his cold shoulder. He only took from her. 


Her love left her broken, hopeless, and vulnerable. It stripped her of happiness and pride. As she drowned deeper into the abyss of him, it became harder and harder for her to breathe. Despite her ability to surface, she refuses. In the murky waters of his heart, she searches relentlessly for a single pearl, believing that it is there. But what she fails to see is that she has already lost too much. People say that there once was a cheerful girl living inside of her—a girl who danced to show tunes and wore the biggest smile around town. But somewhere along the way, she gave up all that for a sole shot at the roaring sea. 


Maybe it’s time she realized that she had the pearl all along.