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If I Could Write a Letter to You

I was on my way to tutoring in an local elementary school.

“Kucina!” Arthur jumped down the chair and ran into my arms when he saw me step in the classroom. He held me tightly, as if I would vanish in a second. I put my hands on his hairy head and looked into his crystal-clear eyes, which are fascinatingly beautiful.

Here is a letter I want to send to you.

“Dear Arthur,

On the first day, I came to your class as a tutor. With curiosity and excitement, your lovely classmates laid their eyes on me. Then, I found you. I could see the delight light flickering in your eyes the moment you saw me.

After Miss Grace, the head teacher, explained my work, I started to help students with their hands up. Later, I saw a girl near you raise her hand, I bended down to her desk and asked if she needed any help. When I raised my head inadvertently, you gave me a bright and sweet smile, the one that could be difficult to tell the difference, if compared with the angel’s.

With that, you moved close to her problem set, as though you intended to figure out the question, by which she was floored. Shortly afterwards, many other hands just emerged in the air. I really had to hurry.

“Can I try, please?” Suddenly, you popped out your head and asked me eagerly.

A warm current just flow through my blood. How thoughtful you are. But, can you handle this well?

“Ah…Sure.” Worried, I put the problem set before you suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, I have already done with mine. I know how to do this one.” You immediately reassured me by showing your complete homework.

“Wow, you are great!” I praised you and touched your head gently. Probably, I just worried too much.

Your eyes sparked with surprise. Seemingly, you didn’t expect my intimate behavior. “Can I tell you my name?” You want me to remember you. Then, you tear down a draft paper and wrote down your name carefully, in cursive script.

“Can you write down your name in cursive script? I can teach you how to do it!” You said excitedly.

“Arthur! She is a college student. Of course, she knew how to do it! Have you finished your assignments, yet?” You were caught by Miss Crowley, because of your load and exalted voice.

You seemed a little downcast. After I helped out all the students that needed help, I came back to your seat and whispered besides your ears:

“How about you teach me how to do it during lunch time?” My words brought a sweet smile on your face. This was how the plot should develop.

To be continued…

Hello, everyone! Currently, I am a sophomore in the Oxford College of Emory University and I enjoy my life a lot! I am so glad that I am able to share my thoughts with you here. If you have anything to comment on my articles, please contact me. Here is my email address: liyuge19897@gmail.com. I am really happy to exchange ideas with my lovely readers.
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