How To Deal with the Transition

Two years....It's all that we get at Oxford and in reality, it goes by quickly. We transition from kids fresh out of high school into students halfways through our college experience, with only two years to find friends, get to know professors, and get to know our way around, only to have to do it all again in our third year. It is not an easy transition to make, especially because we are over 45 minutes away from our counterparts (barring any traffic or bridge collapses), so learning how to deal with the Oxford-Emory transition will not only make you a better student, but it'll help you love Oxford a little more. 

1. Get to know your professors! 

At Oxford, it's a tight-knit community. Everybody will know you at some point (for the most part), but at the same time, you have an increased access to your professors. For two years,  these people will be your lifeline and the people you turn to when you need an extension or advice on life. When you need anything from internship help to a person to talk to, getting to know your professors will be a great thing. 

2. Do not live with your friends!! 

We all love having someone who knows your struggle, but trust me, don't live with your friend. When we live with friends, we sometimes find the little things that make us tick with our friends and you don't want to ruin a good friendship. Separate your friends and home and you'll be better off for it! 

3. Enjoy the time you have and get involved! 

Oxford's a limited experience, only two years. You don't know the time you have until it's almost over, so take these two years and make the most of it. Get involved with a few clubs (cough cough Her Campus) and dedicate your time to these clubs. This will really help you enjoy your time and when you transition, you'll have a lot more people who can be there as a support system for you! 

There's no way to actually make the transition smooth. There will definitely be bumps along the road, whether that means having to find new friends