Hot Spots in Hotlanta That Need to be Checked Out Now

Are you a city girl at heart but you also like some fresh air from time to time? Head into the heart of Atlanta and hit the Beltline right off Piedmont Park. Enjoy a weekend stroll from the park to Krog City Market for a nice lunch all the while getting to admire some of the coolest street art Atlanta has to offer.

Whether it’s a hot day in Atlanta or not, make sure to try some of the free carbonated water at the water tap in Krog City Market.­­ The refreshing, cold, bursting, bubbles will be sure to leave you refreshed for your walk back to your ride.

Not compelled to go yet? Here are some photos to inspire you to roll out of bed and rake in those steps:

Spend Time Spicing Up Your Instagame Trying to Find All of Them

Want to spice up your Insta some more? Take selfies with your friends in front of your favorite murals!

Have it Be Your Goal to Be as On Point on that Next Math Exam as This Geometric Sculpture

Make Sure to Look Up Under the Underpasses!

Let Your Imagination Run Free!

Get Familiar with Some City Wildlife

Check Out Some Spray Paint

Don’t Get Eaten By This Monster

Be Inspired to Take Recycling to a Whole New Level