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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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The Hibernation of College Students—It’s Only Science

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

College students and bears are a lot alike when it all comes down to it, especially during midterms time. When midterms arrive, we college students revert back to our innate animalistic instincts, and in this case, these animalistic instincts resemble that of bears. You see, the science behind this is quite simple. Midterms arrive and college students feel themselves go into a state of panic, the type of panic that makes them feel like their very lives are in danger and their survival is at stake. This shocking period of panic reverts us into wild animals, before becoming somewhat civilized, explaining why we share a process similar to another wild animal. Just as bears have their stages of hibernation, so too, do we. Before falling into that long period of isolation, sleeping within their caves, bears stock up on tons of food. Before we all fall into that long period of isolation, studying within our rooms or the library, we tend to stock up on tons of food. Then when sleeping, bears are no longer craving food like they were before, similar to how after a week or so of stocking up on more food than usual, we are not as hungry when exam studying is over. And yet another way we share that process of hibernation similar to bears is just as when you irritate a hibernating bear, they are especially aggressive, college students become particularly aggressive and sensitive, when in that stressful period of studying for exams. Doubtless, there are flaws you may find in this comparison of hibernation between bears and college students, but if we look at this comparison instead like a Monet, something that when up close and personal is a big mess, but when far away, comes together and makes sense, this really does make some kind of sense if we don’t analyze specifics too much

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