Gun Violence in America

Valentine's Day, typically associated with love, togetherness, and happiness, was filled with some of the most atrocious memories this year around. On February 14, 2018, there was a mass shooting at a high school, Stoneman Douglas High School, which resulted in seventeen dead and even more injuries. Although this event was a tragedy, it was not alarming or even surprising because mass shootings have become commonplace in America.

The Second Amendment, which gives citizens the right to bear arms, in recent history, has become abused and resulted in too many shootings occurring in our towns. The saddest aspect of this occurrence is that mass shootings have almost become commonplace. It usually follows a pattern, the shootings occur, people are shocked and upset, they grieve, talks about change happen, but what never does happen is the change that is necessary. There needs to be change enacted into society to finally fix the problem.

Gun violence is no joke. The United States has had the most mass shootings compared to any other country. The difference between America and other developed countries is the fact that it is very simple to acquire anything from a firearm to a war weapon. I am not saying that guns should be illegal, but I do believe that those capable of abusing them should be further restricted. It is up to us to voice our concerns to our Congressmen and Senators to finally change around the system.