Get to Know: Sylvie Stolar

Hey guys welcome back!! I hope you've all had a restful spring break, but we're here with another profile! Well this week, we're interviewing one of our own, our social media chair Sylvie!! Let's kick off this week with someone new! 

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

SS: Hi, my name is Sylvie and I am a freshman at Oxford. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I have been going to overnight camp in Northern Minnesota since I was nine and it is a huge part of my life. My family travels a lot, so I have been to a lot of interesting places. I like cooking, and absolutely love eating. Other pastimes include watching tv, hanging out with friends, and taking baths.

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford College?

SS: It was completely by chance. I applied to Emory the day the application was due on a whim. A few weeks later I got an email asking if I wanted to be considered for Oxford and said yes, even though I knew nothing about the campus. After getting accepted, I visited on a Dooley Day and I really liked it. I don't believe everything happens for a reason, but this situation really worked out for me.

HC: You’re involved with a lot of things on campus this year. How do you balance it all?

SS: I have gotten involved in a lot of organizations that I can contribute to on my own time. I run the social media for HerCampus. I can post whenever is convenient for me, so it is nice to have a flexible schedule. I am also on SGA's food committee, Camp Kesem's fundraising board, and I am on intramural staff at the gym. I'd say I balance everything by sacrificing sleep.

HC: Which of these extracurricular activities are you excited about the most?

SS: I think they are all exciting in their own right. I love talking about food, so being on the food committee is a great experience. I like having a say in what Lil's does and I like knowing some insider details. HerCampus is so fun because it is very different from anything I thought I would be involved with. I am pretty new to social media so it has been fun exploring. Camp Kesem is special because camp was such an integral part of my childhood. I like being able to share that experience with others.

HC: Are there any exciting projects coming up that you’re involved in and can give us some info on?

SS: Camp Kesem is doing a lot of great fundraising events so be sure to check out ads in the Facebook page!

HC: You’re involved with Camp Kesem. Can you explain a little more about what it is and how students inside and outside of Oxford can get involved?

SS: Camp Kesem is an amazing organization that sends kids whose parents have cancer to a free one week summer camp. College students raise money through fundraising events to fund the camps and volunteer as counselors at the camps. It started at Stanford University and there are now over 80 chapters at schools all over the country. Camp Kesem gives kids a much needed break and allows them to have fun while building relationships with children who have similar experiences. Oxford students can get involved by coming to fundraising events and supporting the efforts of our chapter. Applications for positions are put out in the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters so be sure to apply next year!