Get to Know: Riley Payne

HC: Who are you and what are you involved with on Campus?

RP: I’m Riley. I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I love animals, movies, and science. On campus, I am an RA, I am on the golf team, I am the vice president of Open Minds, and I am the events chair for Her Campus!

HC: Why did you choose to become an RA?

RP: My hall didn’t have a great community last year, and I really wanted a chance to change that this year for other freshmen. I also wanted to be more involved in the community, and I thought this was a perfect way to make a mark on the Oxford campus. Now that I am an RA, I realize how much I love this job. I am glad I get to be there for my residents, and I also absolutely love the RA staff. All the Ras are so supportive and are such an amazing group of people to be a part of.

HC: How do you manage your time between classes, being a varsity athlete, and all your other extracurriculars?

RP: Google calendar is a life saver. I put everything in my calendar- and not just events. I schedule in time for myself to study, so that way I know exactly how much free time I have. This way I also always leave time to get enough sleep, regardless of if I am extremely busy that week because I have scheduled everything out. Another thing I find really useful is taking breaks throughout the day because if you don’t take a break you won’t be motivated when you actually need to work.

HC: What is your favorite thing about Oxford?

RP: I know it is cliché, but it is honestly the people. I have never been somewhere where I didn’t find one person that I had an issue with. I have enjoyed talking to every person on this campus. Regardless of if they are a close friend, it is so easy to have a conversation with any person on the quad. I have met my best friends on this campus, and I know that these people will be with me the rest of my life. The close-knit community is often criticized because everyone knows everything, but I really appreciate being able to recognize so many faces on campus. I have so many groups on campus where I feel comfortable and just genuinely excited to be around the people there.

HC: Any tips for freshmen who want to get involved?

RP: Honestly, just see what you are kind of interested in about and attend those events. I know that a lot of people stop going to club events after they don’t get an executive board position, but if you really like the club then you should still go to events, because spots may open up at semester or during sophomore year. Even if they don’t, just being involved in the club can be really rewarding. Also, if you want to be involved in research or community service, reach out to professors or people in the Oxford community to find out what is available. It is unlikely a great opportunity will just fall in your lap, so make sure you are asking around. Involvement is great, and Oxford has so many things to be involved in- but remember to not overextend yourself. Find a few activities you really care about and stick to those things.