Get to Know: Maya Rayann

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

MR: Hi, my name is Maya Foster, I’m 19 years old from Brooklyn, New York. I am currently a sophomore at Oxford College of Emory University studying Politics and African-American history with the hopes of continuing on to law school.

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford College?

MR: My college guidance counselor recommended Oxford because she felt that it would be the perfect fit for me. I wanted a small college environment with academic rigor and high student involvement and activity.

HC: Since you’re one of the RA’s at Oxford, what’s your favorite thing about the position? 

MR: My favorite thing about being an RA would have to be just being there for my residents. I love when they seek advice and help from me because it makes me feel like they trust me and appreciate be being there.

HC: You’re the President of the BSA on campus, what exciting plans do you have coming up?

MR: Some exciting plans we have coming up are more community service involvement, a showcase in the spring, and the whole month of February will be filled with events and activities to honor Black History.

HC: The BSA vigil was a very powerful moment on the Oxford campus, how did you come up with this?

MR: Interestingly enough, I had a dream about the entire event including everyone that I wanted to speak, sing, read, etc. and when I woke up, I remembered the entire thing and wrote it all down.

HC: What do you feel about the connection between the Oxford campus and the main campus?  

MR: I feel like the connection is there, but it could be a lot stronger. The shuttle rides back and forth are pretty tiring and Oxford students are almost too involved on campus to be able to spend adequate time on main so the connection between the two campuses could use some work.

HC: Since you grew up in New York, what were some differences you found between Georgia and New York?

MR: Georgia is a lot quieter than New York. I miss the sounds of cars, trains and regular city noise when I fall asleep, but I’m starting to get used to the south. One thing I really love about Georgia, especially at Oxford, is the nature that surrounds our campus and the Covington area. The trees are so beautiful year round and I appreciate it so much.

HC: Subway trains or driving?

MR: The subway! You really get a taste for society on the train. Plus the best singers ride the NYC subway.

HC: How do you and the BSA plan to work with the Oxford community to maintain a safe and healthy space after this election? Have you had any support from the community thus far?

MR: BSA plans to continue to create a safe space for our members and the overall Oxford community. We will continue to have check-ins to make sure that Oxford students are comfortable and able to voice their concerns at any and all times. We will also promote positivity and health through opportunities to give back to the community and encourage self-care. We have received support from the Oxford community in many ways since the election from faculty, staff, and our peers, and we are truly grateful.