Get to Know: Jordan Chapman

So it's the very last profile of the year! We wanted to do something different and have our Campus Correspondent and founder of the HC Oxford Emory chapter do our last profile, so let's get to know her!

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

JC: So my name is Jordan Chapman and I am the Campus Correspondent/President for HC Oxford Emory! I'm a sophomore at Oxford, which means I'm off to the main campus next year! I was born in California, but now live in Atlanta! I'm doing a double major in Art History and International Studies at Emory, with an unofficial minor in French! I'll be studying abroad 2x during the next 2 years, one semester in France and the other in England. I've been working as a blogger since 2013, which is how I got acquainted with Her Campus, and I write a blog called The Hat Logic, which is a fashion and travel blog. Additionally, I work as a photographer and began my own LLC earlier this year! ​

HC: What stood out at Oxford College that made you want to attend?

JC: Well my mom went to Emory for undergraduate & her Masters (plus she works there now), so I've always been acquainted with the school since I was a child and we moved to Atlanta. I've gone to camp at the main campus for years and spent weeks there at a time, but I wanted a change. I needed to get out of the city and find myself and how I wanted to work before going into the craziness of Atlanta, so I loved how Oxford was the perfect distance away! 

HC: Do you have any advice for rising sophomores or incoming freshmen for next year?

JC: Ooo to rising sophomores, get ready to work. As you get further into your majors, the work does pick up. Even though it is more work, make sure to have FUN! If you don't have fun along the way, then the work doesn't feel as special. I know you all wanna party til the sun rises, but you do need to a) sleep b) get your work done c) graduate! Make sure to find that balance in life because it will be a big help before you go to main campus. To incoming freshmen, don't overload yourselves and it's PERFECTLY alright to go through friend struggles. Oxford is full of overachievers and you'll learn that from day 1! It's not a bad thing and in all honesty, pushes each of us to be better than the day before. You have to know when to take a seat and not overload yourself because that's how you end up stressed and in the ER for exhaustion. To my second point, we all go through friend struggles, whether freshman year or May of senior year. They happen to us all, so just know when they happen, don't freak out. You will live through it, you still have someone, and if you do feel alone, talk to your RA, RLC, professors, or the counselors. They know more than you think they do and they want to help you! 

HC: You started the Oxford Emory Her Campus Chapter. How did you first hear about Her Campus, and what inspired you to get involved?

JC: I've been involved with Her Campus since early 2014 I believe! I'd just started my blog and didn't know how to get in touch with the blogging community around me, so I wanted to be a part of their community and meet some driven people around me. I've been fortunate enough to work with everyone from the founder, Windsor Hanger, to other CC's at other schools in Georgia and it's a great organization that I'm proud to be a part of. I found out about starting a chapter at the end of my freshman year, when I was looking for new ways to get involved on campus. I wanted to start something with an organization that I know and love and bring it to my college campus where we don't have many writing opportunities like this on the campus. Starting was the hardest part, but I regret nothing because this experience has really helped shape my sophomore year and I'm so happy I did this! 

HC: What has been your favorite part of being Oxford’s Campus Correspondent for the Oxford Emory Her Campus Chapter?

JC: My favorite part has been being able to get to know all of my writers! They're all great women who will do amazing things in the world! I've been fortunate enough to have some great people on all fronts working with me this year and they made my job easier at each turn. We had some real fun working together and getting things done, so I'm glad I was able to be a part of this little family! 

HC: As you are currently a sophomore and will be graduating before the end of the month, what are your hopes for the Oxford Emory Her Campus Chapter for next year?

JC: Well first off, I hope it keeps going without me! I know that it will be in great and trustworthy hands on all fronts next year, so no worries about that, but I hope that it can grow. I  started the chapter about 2 months into the semester, so I was at a disadvantage than the other clubs, which had weeks to prepare and recruit freshmen. I hope that next year the chapter can get ahold of some new minds and create a lasting impression on the Oxford campus! 

HC: What advice would you give someone that is interested in joining Oxford Emory’s Her Campus Chapter?

JC: I would say just go for it!! We're a very friendly and welcoming bunch, so it never hurts to apply!! Test it out, see if you like it, like writing, the process, etc., then make a final decision. This is for girls AND guys so never be discouraged because you think you won't fit in around here! 

HC: What are your plans regarding Her Campus for next year? Do you plan to continue writing for Her Campus at Emory in Atlanta?

JC: For next year, I'm planning on staying involved with Her Campus at Emory! It would be a shame to not continue on the main campus and I've already placed the chapter in Oxford in some great hands! I'm excited to look at what you all have in store for the next year and I'm sure it will continue on and be just as great, if not better than this year! 

HC: Do you have a favorite memory or a memory that stands out to you from your time here at Oxford College?

JC: My favorite memory happened just a few days ago! I got the opportunity to go up into the Oxford clock tower! It was an amazing time and I got to see literally all of Oxford's campus from up there! I was surprised that the opportunity was afforded to me and I will cherish that and the pictures!