Get to Know: Emily MacDonald

Can you believe the school year is almost over? Well my time as Campus Correspondent has been great, but it is time for me to pass the torch. I want to introduce you to our other incoming CC, Emily Macdonald!! She'll be taking over with Marine Bruno, so we're excited to help you all get to know them!! 

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

EM: Sure! My name’s Emily Skye Macdonald, but all my friends just call me Em. I’m currently a freshman at Oxford College of Emory University intending to major in Political Science and/or History. I’m an Army Brat who has moved thirteen times, six times internationally, but I have my roots in Georgia. My family moved to London, England since I started college, so I technically live there, but I’ve only physically been there for three weeks (aka Winter Break). I’m a writer and soon-to-be Co-Campus Correspondent with my best friend and roommate, Marine Bruno! I’m also Secretary of Omega Delta, a social club on campus. I work in the Hotspot every week, and I’m also a social media intern for an Ecotourism company called Green Global Travel (Check us out)!!

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford College?

EM: Before anything, I knew I wanted to go to college in Georgia. I’ve moved every two to three years my whole life, and I’ve seen a fair share of the world. Given the opportunity to decide where I wanted to be, I chose to go back to my home state. I’ve always gone to small schools, and I knew that I wanted a small college so that I could know the people I pass by every day. I also didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in as far as my major was concerned so I specifically wanted to go to a liberal arts school where my professors and advisors would get to know and understand me, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I chose Oxford in the end because I’m close to family and I loved its quirks!

HC: How smooth was the transition between high school and Oxford?

EM: I had a less than average high school experience, so the transition to Oxford wasn’t too abrupt of a change. I went to two different high schools; the first was the American School of Paris in St. Cloud, France and then I moved to New York City where I graduated from a small all girl's Catholic school called Fontbonne Hall Academy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I’ve moved thirteen times, been to seven different schools so changing my academic scene was not what I struggled with. Being on my own for the first time is what was difficult. My family has always been my rock, my sense of strength and stability. Being so far away (they moved to the United Kingdom last Thanksgiving) was really difficult to deal with. In the end, it was good for me to develop a lot more independence but I miss them every day.

HC: So you and Marine are our new Campus Correspondents for next year! Are you excited to be on the HC team?

EM: Absolutely! Her Campus has been one of my favorite things that I’ve found to be a part of on campus. I couldn’t be more pleased to take on a bigger role in the club and especially with my best friend as a partner in crime! I can’t wait to see where Her Campus will go and what we will achieve in the 2017-2018 academic year!

HC: If you had to say one thing to incoming freshmen to get them excited about being a part of the Her Campus team at Oxford, what would that be?

EM: Just be yourself, do what you do, and let who you are shine through. Her Campus lets you explore yourself, your passions, your interests- anything and everything you want to explore; you can! Her Campus is the medium through which you can express yourself like you can’t with any other club on campus. You can write about A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. That’s the beauty of writing for Her Campus!

HC: What is one thing you’re excited about when it comes to being a sophomore at Oxford?

EM: I’m excited to see Oxford with fresh eyes. It has been a long year and a challenging one at that, but I’ve loved every minute of my time at Oxford. I’m looking forward to coming back on campus next fall, refreshed from the summer, and ready to take on another year with everyone I’ve gotten close to by my side. I can only imagine what this next year has in store for me, but I look forward to seeing where I’ll be a year from now.