Get To Know: Barbara Marin

Hey, ya'll! This week we're introducing a wonderful, strong lady from Oxford. Get to know Barbara Marin!

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

BM: Hello there! My name is Barbara Marin. Being a double major in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality studies at Oxford College of Emory University has motivated me to strive to bridge the gap between underprivileged communities and the health disparities within the United States by promoting social justice through medical advocacy. 

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford?

BM: Applying to college was a difficult process. When I was searching for an institution I looked for one that stands for advocating for marginalized communities. Oxford fit the criteria. I fell in love with the devotion this campus has for its students and for the community around the Oxford campus.  

HC: How smooth was the transition between high school and Oxford?

BM: The transition between high school and Oxford was smooth for me because of the preparation my high school provided for me. Going to a predominantly latino high school, our CAP advisor wanted us to be ready for the difficulties of transitioning from high school to college. At Oxford I have been blessed to have a huge support group that continues to stand by me and help me when there have been obstacles along the way.  

HC: Could you talk a little bit about the Vagina Monologues? Who came up with the idea and how did you come up with your script and performance?

BM: The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler. It encompasses a variety of monologues covering sexual experiences, reproduction, sex, relationships, and violence against women. I auditioned for the play and was casted for the role of “The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy.” It was an amazing experience being able to perform this character in front of the college. It really changed my perspective on owning female sexuality, and it motivated to continue advocating for women.

 HC: You've been very involved on campus, could you give some advice for incoming freshmen on taking leadership roles and being involved?

BM: There are a lot of leadership opportunities on campus for the incoming freshmen. I advise for the freshmen to find something on campus that they feel passionate about and apply for the executive positions available to them. Oxford is what you make of it, getting involved on campus has made my experience out of this world.

Photo creds go to June Kwon