eye to eye, the other side

she who yearns for the shore see civilization

peering blinding skyscrapers

across bustling streets

beyond scrambling passengers 

trying to catch the Metro. 

dreams of eternal vogue

latest trends float down Fifth Avenue

children covered in mud run

away from the outskirt barefoot into the city. 


he never away from smoke and glam

feels irritation by streamers and crowds

the boujee brands a pungent eyesore. 

if only he can run

away from greedy monsters

snobby dogs and ravenous jaws

past his own position as pawn

then his wings outstretched may grant him the ocean

and for the first time see nature. 


eye to eye, the other side

desperately searching for his coastline

struggling to hull herself ashore

the surface only a mirror image 

lies flat waiting for them to discover.