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Environmental Policies in Hong Kong

According to Antoine Mussilon, the Managing Director of Veolia Water Hong Kong, two of the biggest problems regarding the environment are waste management and air pollution. 

There are many laws, called Ordinance, to protect the air, water, and ozone layer, and to control the waste disposal and the pollution. Some examples of these laws include the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, the Waste Disposal Ordinance, the Water Pollution Control Ordinance, the Ozone Layer Protection Ordinance, and the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance. However, Hong Kong still uses gas, coal, and nuclear sources of energy, which are not eco-friendly.

Hong Kong does have some recycling programs, and 70% of the land is countryside, 41% of which is national park-land! Most schools do offer educational courses on the environment and green products can be found in most stores. Sadly, electric cars and solar panels are rare due to the cost and to the hilly cities, but there is a lot of public transportation, which is very often used. Finally, as of April 1st 2015, shoppers asking for plastic shopping bags are now charged to encourage the use of reusable bags.

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