Environmental Policies in France

From an interview with Claire Bottineau, who works in the Sustainable Development department for Big, it is clear that France is having big problems with air pollution caused by vehicles and greenhouse gas because all of the agriculture is affecting the air and water quality.

France has been showing its commitment to environmental values in many ways. It has been focusing on making companies greener and making foods and products sold in stores come only from France to reduce gas emitted from vehicles and is making organic foods available in all grocery stores. The environmental charter of 2005 has constitutional value, showing how serious France is about helping the environment. By 2016, France banned all plastic bags and plans to ban all plastic silverware by 2020. I go there every summer and in the north where I live, there are no plastic bags and you can’t even buy them, you HAVE to use reusable bags. 

There are lots of recycling programs. For example, BIC takes part in a recycling program which collects pens and pencils from schools that kids no longer want/use. There are also some education programs. For example, where I live, all homes get a guide in the mail for children to learn about reducing waste. It includes pages on water and drinking from the sink instead of water bottles, not wasting food, and reusing object.