Eight Ways of Looking at the Human Eye

1: Electrical impulses

Retina laced traced

down the back

light focused from backstage


2: The clear dome

Conjunctiva covers

Creates caps coats

lines the lids


3: Symbolic sensory organs

galaxies of color

systems of sight


4: The irises succumb

Upside down is truth

Right-side up is the lie you believe


5: Dark like the last night

warmth, elegance, healing

Rich depth of woods

Only lit by the ring of light

Woodpeckers peck

Truth told.


6: Boron and nitrogen

Depth, stability, heaven

Like music from the deep south

I see fish and sharks

And I feel safe

Even when i am not


7: Everything you choose to believe.

Fertility, renewal, ambition, jealousy

Emerald stone

Like Sunny’s little dress

Moss growing beneath the edges of trees


8: Headlights flash

I pull into the driveway

Home is what I see.